Saturday, October 1, 2011

{ Never & Forever }

I'm back! Between family from out of the country coming to visit, class/homework, going out of town, having my husband home for his vacation days, and just the everyday responsibilities of being a momma and wifey...I've been MIA on my blog. I've been busy! ...but busy is good.

So to catch up a bit...

On Tuesday Saf and celebrated our [3] year anniversary. The best part about 'our day' was having him home from work. That night we did dinner and a movie. So cliche. But when cliche rarely gets to happen due to our insane schedules...I'll take cliche any day and be more than happy about it.

Reminiscing about these past three years brought back many memories. They say the first year is the hardest...more like the first two years. We had lots of good times those first two, but.........I would never want to repeat them. haha. (they were learning experiences) But throughout this last year I feel like we've finally found our rhythm together.

I love this guy to death! The best part about us is we compliment one another. My weaknesses are his strengths and vice versa. He's not just who I want, but he's who I need. From the get-go when we first met I immediately felt this peaceful, calming feeling when I was with him. It was a peaceful, calming feeling I had (at the time) never known. This peaceful, calming feeling brought out my happiest self...the 'happiest' I never allowed myself to be.

Even now I still feel this same peaceful, calming feeling...

Last year I had to be rushed to the E.R. and ended up having an emergency surgery. I remember when I started waking up after the surgery...I was still very groggy and was trying so hard to fight against the anesthesia so I could open my eyes and talk. When I came to it and could open my eyes (although everything was still really blurry) and barely talk the first thing I did was ask the nurse for my husband. I remember I started crying ...from the physical pain but mostly from the emotional pain of what I just endured. Again, I asked the nurse for my husband. She made some stupid remark in an attempt to calm me down and then said I was still in the recovery room and no visitors were allowed. Still being somewhat sedated and totally out of it (and mad at the nurse because she wouldn't get my husband) I started crying even more and telling the nurse  ....well, let's just say I was telling her repeatedly, "Get my husband you effing-female dog!" (that's the edited version). haha I swear it was the drugs that made me do it! At that point I must have been that distraught because the nurse had to put an oxygen mask on me and the next thing I knew Saf walked into the room, kissed my head, and sat down next to my bed. Immediately that same peaceful, calming feeling of his presence settled me down and I just knew everything would be ok because he was with me.

*Side note: As peaceful and calm this guy can get me...he's also the number one person to work my patience (and nerves)! We are far from perfect. But who wants a perfect marriage? ...that would be so boring? We keep each other on our toes.

We always tell each other to look at things through your 'spiritual eyes' (or eternal perspective). If you know my husband than you know how he's forever clownin' and laughing. Whenever we go to the temple and we're sitting in the Celestial room together, he'll lean over to me to whisper something and then start laughing (his quietest laugh). Then while trying to hold back my laughter, I'll tell him to stop laughing because he's being so irreverent. But secretly, all I'm thinking when I tell him to stop is this is how it's going to be through out this life and here after. He's never going to change and he'll forever be mine.

Cheers to [3] years and an eternity to go...

Caught a quick one when he wasn't looking. (I can never get this guy to take a pic) We were suppose to take one of us both looking (for keepsake on our 3rd anni) but when we were at the movies it was too dark and then when we went out to eat we were too hungry. haha So this one will have to suffice.

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