Monday, October 10, 2011

{ True Love }

On Saturday night my son and I went to a rodeo while my husband caught up on some sleep. We got there before it started and walked to the very top of the stands (already knowing baby wouldn't do well in a tight space crammed between people). As we were sitting at the top by the aisle waiting for it to start and watching more people come in and take their seats my eyes were drawn to an elderly couple (maybe late 70's early 80's) walking up the aisle towards us. To be honest, the first thing that caught my attention was the elderly woman had huge patches of hair missing, with only very few straggly strands left. (it was apparent that she was most likely going through chemo due to her appearance and feeble state) But her loss of hair wasn't what kept me staring. (I know, I rude) was the tenderness and patience that her husband showed as he slowly walked by her side with one arm wrapped around her lower back, placing his hand on her side and the other gently holding her arm nearest him to help brace her. They walked just like this the entire way up enduring every step until they reached the top. (and the stands were pretty big) Once they found some open seats the elderly man folded a blanket nicely and placed it on the bleacher for his wife to sit on. They looked so happy and in love.

I finally had to force myself to look away before they or anyone else saw me staring. Even after seeing my own grandmother with cancer and going through chemo, I still cannot image how hard that would be to have my other half go through a sickness like that, especially after being together for almost an entire lifetime. After watching this elderly couple all I could think was,

"That is true love!"

Too many people today get caught up in the fallible notion that love is only romantic bliss, pure happiness, and instant gratification.

Anyone can fall in love, but only the enduring, selfless stay in love.

Here's a funny, candid vid of an elderly couple. They're so cute! (go to 1:50)

I can't wait to grow old with my Love. Even when we're old we'll still be laughing and making fun of each other! ;)

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