Friday, September 16, 2011

{ I love cleaning }

...starting off my Friday cleaning up all the confetti on my bedroom floor from magazines my son ripped up last night and washing a comforter with throw up on it. Lovely.

On a better note, my cousin, Colby, and her little fam just got in last night from Hong Kong. I think the last time I saw them was before I got married before either of us had kids. Last night we went to Grama's house to go see them. I think the twins, Indy and Jet, think their cousin Safi Boy is CUH-razy! Indy tried hugging him but he was like the Tazmanian Devil so she couldn't even get close enough and Jet and him fought over one of those huge exercising balls. (Not a good first impression Baby!) It was so good seeing them again and finally meeting my niece and nephew. Looking forward to the next week with them. Hopefully my son will be better mannered next time...crazy tamasi'i!

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