Sunday, February 3, 2013

i'm going to run my first race, ever.

i'm finally starting to get my [ motivation ] and [ will power ] back! 

i signed up to do a 5k mud run with my sisters at glen helen on april 20th! 

this is my motivation to finally get my act together with my diet: no sweets, no wheat, and no processed food until the race....because i'm planning on running through the mud, not rolling! and the huge mud slide looks amazeballs! i'm going to be such a little-big kid going down that beast-of-a-slide. one of my personal goals for this year is to run a half marathon. i'm not much of a runner but i do like to run. so this 5k race will be somewhat of my warm up race. 

the other day i watched these two documentaries on netflix:

they were awesome and really changed my perspective on food and what i put into my body. and they really kept me motivated to eat clean because i lost 3 lbs this last week! now let's just keep it up because I CAN'T WAIT TO LOOSE THIS BABY WEIGHT...and look (and dance) like her...

...was she not FAH-REEK-EN amazing tonight?!!!

anyways, i'm trying to take things easy so i can hurry up and fully recover already from this dang c-section and start getting my workout on.

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