Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Missing all my cousins...

From time to time i'll stop and think of so and so and wonder what they're doing that day or how they're doing. Everyone is off doing there own thing and starting their own families...which is good. But I still miss when we all use to live in fountain valley and see each others faces everyday. These pics were taken last April. Some are from our family's talent show night. There are more pics somewhere but i could only find the ones from the girl's and the boy's number. We had collected all the couches and some chairs in the church building and set them up in front of the stage in the cultural hall. The only rule that night was [ everyone had to perform something ] and participate in the show. It was a night I'm sure we'll all remember. Even though I don't get to see all [ my favorite people ] everyday, I'm grateful we all grew up together with a strong foundation and that we get to spend eternity with one another.

oh, and here's mine and my husband's spur of the moment talent. all his buffness bench pressed me. lol

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  1. I love this post! My cousins and I are very close too and I miss them like crazy! I know you lost a cousin recently. I know a lot of your family, but I did not know him. But I also lost a cousin and 2 grandmothers in 2012. It was a tough year, but knowing that we have eternity with them makes the days a little easier to handle. And I also think about them preparing the way for others to come into our lives. I bet your cousin was one of the many angels sending your sweet Niko on his way down here! I love thinking about things that way!