Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Quick trip down memory lane

I remember when I was young and I'd go over to Grama and Grampa Wihongi's house I'd always [ cry ] and [ beg ] to stay longer every time my mom said it was time to go home. "Going home" from Grama's house always felt like the end to my little world.

Now, fast forward to the present. it's funny seeing the same scenario happen but this time from a mother's perspective. Tonight I left my mom's house with only one child, Niko, after Safi boy screamed and cried to stay with Gigi. Of course I had no objection because I could definitely use a little break. So looks like Safi boy will be getting dropped off sometime tomorrow. Until then, Niko and I will be having a par-tay through out the night getting tipsy off that milk...well, he will at least while I'm half awake with one eye open.

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