Monday, October 29, 2012

Batman craze!

since i pulled out safi boy's halloween costume for our ward's trunk-or-treat last friday, he has been batman everyday since. he wears his cape, belt, and mask e v e r y w h e r e -to the store, while he rides his scooter, when he watches his movies, to bed, and YES, even in the shower! (it's that serious!) 

he looks like the buffest 'lil man ever with his instant biceps and 300 abs!

...and what's even better than having one batman mask?

having TWO!

i told him to smile when i was taking this picture but he's [ so serious ] when he has his mask on.

i can't wait to take my 'lil guy trick-or-treating on wednesday. hopefully this year he understand the concept a little better and doesn't walk right into people's houses after they open their front doors. we'll have to see what funny stories i come back with this halloween.

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  1. CUTEST batman ever!!!! &love the one of both of you:):)