Thursday, October 4, 2012

pop, pop, POPPIN' IT!

I  C A N ' T  W A I T  T O  G E T  M Y  B O D Y  B A C K ! ! !

...things don't fit the same anymore, my hips, thighs, and toosh feel, well -HUGE, my face looks like a blow fish, and i have a constant pain in my lower back/tail bone region (sorry, TMI?). every time i see my doctor she tells me i need to slow down on my eating. i gained 5 lbs last month and she asked me in surprise, "WHAT ARE YOU EATING?!" wth? really? what a friggin beezy! honestly, i thought i was doing to good, because my last pregnancy i literally ate everything and gained 60 lbs (and i'm nowhere near that right now) i'm pretty damn proud of myself this time around. my body isn't made like a match stick, so no matter what i do there's no way i'm only gaining 20 lbs my entire pregnancy. screw my doctor. i know my body better than she does. i lost all the baby weight and then some last pregnancy, so i'm pretty sure i can do it again. somehow my mom and all my aunties got smaller after each of their pregnancies -i'm hoping i inherited the same genes and i loose another 15 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. i know i sound so vain right now but i don't deal with all the prego changes so well.

anyways, as i start my third trimester working out has become harder. but i found a new routine that keeps my motivated... Z U M B A ! i wish i could go to an actual class instead, but my gym membership is still canceled. so youtube is just going to have to work for now. by the end of each workout i'm dripping in sweat and the best thing about it is it doesn't even feel like a workout because you're dancing the entire time. if you really want an intense workout i found this cray-cray latina chick whose workouts buuuuuuuurrrrn. [ try it out ] if you don't believe me. it's HI-larious trying to
 [ pop it ] when i have this huge belly in the front. (my equilibrium is so off!) good thing i'm doing it in the comfort of my own home -for my eyes only. ha!

i'm almost 28 weeks now. all this poppin' and booty shaking better keep my weight in check until this baby boy arrives.

oh, and there's my son. he dances sometimes with me but mostly just stands there and laughs at me. he thinks his mama is crazy!

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