Tuesday, October 16, 2012


it's 4 am....been up since 2...and will probably stay up untilllllll...the rest of the day. i don't know what it is about this pregnancy but i just don't sleep! catching up on people's lives through pinterest, instagram and facebook got boring (there's not really that much activity going on at this hour) so now i'm on here writing nonsense and thinking randomly.

i'm currently late-night morning snacking and this baby is rolling and kicking like crazy! i'm looking down and watching my belly jerk and jiggle every time he moves. he must really be diggin' this peanut butter and banana rollup. it seems like every time i take a bite of anything, he goes cray cray up hurr! i just did the math and realized this guy is going to be here in 2 1/2 months! where did time go?! i'm really loosing it these day, not only with the track of time but i also do weird things -like grab my husband the red rooster hot sauce when he asked for a bottle of water or i'll be picking up around our place and stop to fill up my son's sippy cup but instead of fill it up i through it away in the trash (with out even realizing it) and then spend 10 minutes looking for it while my son cries for "abble choose". (yes, i know that last sentence was the longest run on sentence. it's too early. who cares.) and what's even crazier is i almost got a puppy. could you image the madness of me already trying to potty train my stubborn son while potty training a dog at the same time?! that might send me over the edge and to the loony bin. anyways, i'm just going to blame these brain farts on the combination of my lack of sleep, pregnancy hormones, and fact that i have a crazy, almost-three-year-old. 

since this baby will be here before we know it, i better get started on my [ end of year bucket list ]. 

[  ] -take my son to the pumpkin patch
[  ] -trick-o-treating at Disneyland (maybe i'll get festive and dress up with my son...maybe.)
[  ] -redecorate our bedroom that i never decorated in the first place
[  ] -finish my son's baby book (before the next one gets here)
[  ] -"battle of the cupcakes" with my sisters at thanksgiving
[  ] -(maybe) find a new apartment

...more to be added once i'm fully awake.

here's a sneak people of the new fabric i got to make the new bedding for our bedroom. i can't wait to see how it turns out.

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  1. love the fabric! too bad you can't take a sleeping pill while you're pregnant, haha!