Monday, January 23, 2012

{ I'm so tricky-tricky }

As BIG as my son is, he literally eats almost nothing...except for bananas, oatmeal/cereal, meat (occasionally), and anything sweet...oh ya, and chips! (thanks to my husband for getting him hooked on those) I've never been able to get him to eat any type of veggies..................except for today.

All this kid ever wants to do is drink. (hmmm...I wonder who he get's that from??) So I came up with the idea of smoothies! I put some frozen strawberries, bananas, mangoes, a handful of SPINACH, water, ice and VWUALLA! He downed it! It actually tasted pretty good too. (you couldn't even taste the spinach) Then I just put the extra smoothie into a popsicle maker for him to eat later.

Ha! He had no idea his mama just tainted his yummy drink with that "icky-green stuff". I'm so tricky-tricky!

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