Thursday, January 12, 2012

{ Cruise Control Thoughts #2 }

Driving down the 57 meeting up with my moms for some lunch...

**I can't believe we (my son and I) locked ourselves inside at home for three days!!!!! It feels soooo good to get out! Never again! I can't stay inside that long with out going crazy and wanting to pull my hair out! Speaking of crazy...

**I haven't gone riding in almost a month! I'm having major withdrawals! I either need to find a side job to help pay for this ish or find a rich friend who has the hook ups. ("It's not what you know, it's who you know.") I'm starting to go a little crazy with out it. And TRUST, horseback riding is still so much cheaper than therapy! So let's try and keep the craziness in check...somebody get me on a horse! haha
**This year I really am getting some Disneyland passes for my son and I. We've been FAILING at letting daddy sleep during the day so I know this would definitely get us out the house to give him some peace and quiet. Plus, I love mommy-son bonding time. Oh ya, and we still need to find Buzz Lightyear and get his autograph. Last time we went the only people we met were =ALL THE PRINCESSES= Which was still fun. My son wooed Snow White with his drop-dead-handsome looks! Forget Prince Charming! Safi Boy held her hand and walked her all the way back to her dressing room. (No joke! It was HI-larious! Good thing we got it all on video.)

**I can't wait to meet our newest niece, Seiseira Rosie Fonua (my husband's brothers daughter). She's beautiful! So far all the Fonua grandchildren look so much alike! (At least I think so.) When I was looking at the pics of her that they texted us, I couldn't help but see my son when he was born. They have the same cheeks, lips, and nose. Craaaaazy! Them Fonua features are strong! haha I hope my son grows up close with his cousins like I did. Honestly, living so close to my cousins (literally only one street away-the furthest being a block away), going to the same school and ward as them, and us all being best friends was the BEST part of growing up. Don't know where we'll all end up in the future but I hope our families are still somewhat close in distance so our kids stay close. Speaking of babies...I'm baby-hungry! ;)

It was good to get out and get a breath of fresh air. My boy always loves it when he see's his Gigi! Before we went to lunch we stopped at the park. My son did not want to get out of this he stayed in there for 30 minutes! (Good thing I try and stay in shape or else trying to keep up with this kid would be the death of me!) The pic on the right is of him shooting me with his "Buzz Lightyear lazer beam". Too funny!
I love my baby! He's our world...and endless source of entertainment! 

Life is good!

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