Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Empowering parent

Last week I took my son to run a quick errand with me. As I was picking up the few things I needed he spotted a train THAT HE JUST HAD TO HAVE. Instead of buying it for him just so I didn't have to hear him crying for it I told him if he helps me around the house I'd pay him money and if he saved up enough money I'd take him back to the store and he could buy it himself. The very next morning the first thing he said to me when he woke up was, "mommy, can I wash the dishes for you?" That was music to my ears! I put that kid to work and he loved it! He "washed" all the dishes in the sink and then I "rewashed" them. Lol But afterwards I kept my end of the deal and gave him a couple one dollar bills. He had the biggest smile on his face and it made me so happy seeing the satisfaction and pride he had for himself from earning his own money. A couple days later I took him to the store, he picked out a train, and then handed the cashier the money from his wallet. He was the happiest kid walking out of that store and I was happy to have been able to teach him that:

1)if you want something you need to work to earn it. 
2)the world does not owe you anything! you are not entitled to things you have not earned. 
3)responsibility for actions: there are consequences and rewards for your actions. 

I am by far not the perfect parent but these are the moments that are so rewarding for me -to be able to teach my children important life lessons that I hope they'll remember and practice through out their lives. I love my babies so much and want them to be truly happy. Even though their both still so young, it's never too early to prepare them for the future.


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