Thursday, October 31, 2013

Overcoming my roadblocks

To ever be successful at something, I believe two of the roadblocks you have to over come are:

-fear of failing
-fear of what others might think

I truly believe that amazing things will start to blossom in your life when you overcome these two things!

I finally stopped listening to my sorry excuses and all the reasons "why I shouldn't" and made a new Instagram account to help keep me motivated with eating clean and eventually loosing the baby weight. Yesterday I posted on my personal insta account about this new project I started for those of my family and friends who might be interested. After I had posted about it I thought to myself, "OH MY GOODNESS! WHAT. DID. I. JUST. DO?!" I felt so vulnerable to the opinions and critiques of my peers and thoughts of potential failure ran through my mind. I had a mini panick attack! Lol. Good news -I'm feeling much better this morning. I reminded mysellf that I'm doing this for me and for those who are interested. Any haters can just kiss my arse! Lol anyways, I'm excited to see what my future holds. 

Follow me @thehavenlydose if you're interested in jumping on the healthy bandwagon too!


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  1. I'm so so glad you did this and i love this post. Stalking again...can't help it. ;) you are doing amazing!! -josie