Thursday, October 17, 2013

Simple day

Before this day ends I just wanted to write a quick post. Nothing amazing or spectacular happened today but I just want the simplicity of it to be remembered.

I woke up this morning next to my Safi boy. He was still dreaming away and it was early in the morning so I decided to do some personal goal setting. Then I did some scripture reading. Not too long after that Niko woke up so I went and picked him up from his crib, layed him down in my bed, and gave him a bottle while I relaxed next to him. It felt nice to wake up in the morning and not be rushed or having any other responsibilities that I had to get ready for right away. I sent my husband a quick text thanking him for always working so hard for us, especially so I could stay home full time to raise our kids. One thing my husband is NOT is lazy. He always works hard in everything he does and does a thorough job of it. I'm grateful for that. To be honest, some days I do wish I had a career and worked outside the home but today I was just grateful to be exactly where I was at with my two boys. Right after I texted him he called me. He calls me every morning when he gets off with a bright, vibrant, "Hey baby!" or "Good morning Beautiful!" He told me he was on his way home and to send Safi boy outside to the front when he pulled up so he could take him to get donuts (since yesterday Safi boy asked him to take him to get a donut "at the store with a circle on it") Safi boy had just woken up so I told him to get his silipa on because daddy was coming to pick him up. Saf pulled up not long after that and I sent Safi boy out the front door and watched him run to his daddy at the car. It was cute seeing how excited he was to go. They drove off and I sat on the couch feeling grateful that my kids have such a great, loving father. When they got home they enjoyed their donuts on the kitchen table. Of course Saf got my favorite donut, custard-filled, and was trying to convince me to eat it (even after I told him no because I was trying to eat healthy). I indulged myself with a bite...or two. After donuts, Saf went and took a shower and then after came and layed down with Safiboy and I in bed. He told me about work the night before, we laughed at stupid things, and he held me. I always love when he comes home from work at just holds me and kisses my cheek. I feel safe...happy...loved. Niko woke up from his first nap so I brought him in our room to say hi to his daddy. 

Saf then knocked out for the day and Safi boy and I left him in peace. I grabbed some construction paper and Safi boy and I made some jack-o-lanterns while listening to the Disney channel on pandora. He was more into listening to the different Disney songs and figuring out what movie each of them were from than doing crafts. Niko sat in his high chair next to us and watched while he ate strawberries. After we made our jack-o-lanterns we taped them to the family room wall. Before I knew it it was already time for Niko to go down for his second nap so I took him to his crib. For some reason today I was just extra, extra tired (this baby inside me sure is making my body work). I sat on the couch and caught up on some of my shows while Safi boy played on his iPad. Of course I knocked out and caught some sleep while Niko was napping. Sleep feels so goooood these days! When I woke up Saf was up and hungry. We had no food so saimini it was. Yeah, the struggle is real right now. After we ate we walked the kids to the park and Saf watched them while I got a quick workout in over in the soccer field. After I was done with my workout I walked back to my boys and Niko cried for me to carry him. Right now I think it's cute he's such a mama's boy. 

We walked back home and had saimini again for dinner. Saf and I laughed about having this twice in one day. It's been a while since we've had to resort to saimini. We didn't have much but we somehow managed and were still happy. After dinner I put the boys in the bath together. I tried taking a cute, photogenic picture of them but Safiboy wasn't having it. It made me happy seeing them playing together. Niko loves the water. It's one of his newest favorite discoveries so I sat next to the tub and let them both play for about 30 minutes. I took them out and got them both ready for bed. They both knocked out early tonight. It was great! I got a little extra me time. It was finally time for Saf to get back to work again. He was in the room catching a few more hours of sleep when I had to wake him up. He layed on the bed tired while I put on his work socks, like I always do every night. I don't even know how that one got started?? He got dressed and kissed me goodbye at the front door while he walked out.  I love that man. Since the boys were asleep I finished painting a large picture frame. I then checked on Niko like I always do and am now finally calling it a night.

I really don't know what it was about today. I just had such a great feeling of calmness and gratitude while living in the moment. I didn't worry about the things I had to get done or what's going to happen tomorrow, next month, or next year. I simply enjoyed every moment and enjoyed all the simple things life has tooffer. Right now we really don't have a lot, but we are really, truly happy.

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