Tuesday, April 2, 2013

march madness!

march was a crazy, busy month! now that things have slowed down and i can finally breath i'll do a quick catch up of this past month...

at the beginning of month WE MOVED! now that our little fam is growing it was time to upgrade to a bigger place and move closer to saf's work and school. it was bitter-sweet leaving our first humble home. it was our first home as a married couple, it's where we learned more about one another and worked through the first few 'tough' years of our marriage, it was where we brought home our son the first night out of the hospital as new parents, safi boy had most of his 'firsts' there, saf and i spend countless nights just lying on our family room floor (because the couch was too small for both of us) while we talked about anything and everything and laughed all night while our son slept in the bedroom, it's where i learned how to cook most of the things i now know how to make, it's where our son would run out the front door early every morning to meet his daddy when he got home from work, we laughed there, cried there, fought there, prayed there, and loved there. i'll miss that place only because of the memories that were made there but am more than grateful to be moving forward to bigger things.

the same weekend we moved we also had Niko's baby blessing. it was a beautiful day. i feel so blessed and grateful to have such great family and friends who came. but most importantly i'm grateful for a loving husband/father who is worthy to bless our son's.

we renewed our disneyland passes!

my baby sister, Terewai, opened her mission call and was called to serve in the Philippines.

we had a small bachelorette party for my cousin Tabi and went to the skating rink and BJ's before her big day.

i got to witness another sealing in my fam. it was another beautiful day. i love my family and sitting with them all in the temple was another reminder that i get to be with them for eternity.
Mr. & Mrs. Wright.

this past weekend my two boys and i went to utah to see my baby sister perform at her last BYU Living Legends show. It was AMAZING and she was beautiful dancing up there!i know this pic is blurry but it really captured the moment of all three of us sisters. syd and i were so proud of our baby sister that night! she is dong so many amazing things with her life and she is such a good example to us.

i also went horseback riding pretty much everyday with my grampa, helped my mom move into their new house up there, and saw more family including my boy's aunty layn.

i flew to and from utah by myself for the first with two kids. i seriously felt like superwoman doing it. at one point on the way home (easter morning) i almost cried in the airport before boarding the plane because both boys were crying at the same time, i had baby throw up running down my shirt, safi boy had to go poopoo, and i was told if i did make it on the flight safi boy wasn't gong to be able to sit by me on the plane (life of a standby traveler). But somehow we all made it back to cali alive and luckily safi boy and i did end up sitting together.

my little fam and i spent easter day with the 'ungas for baby boss's blessing. being with friends and fam was the perfect way to end the crazy month.

(i wish i had taken more pics through out all the month's events but sometimes moments are better lived.)

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