Friday, April 19, 2013

beauty sketch

i came across this video today...

 ...and it reminded me of an experience i just had. last saturday my little sister was going through the temple for the first time. beforehand, as i was getting ready to go to the temple i scrambled around trying to find something to wear. my clothes didn't fit right (due to the stubborn baby weight i gained), my face felt super round and chubby, and my hair felt dried out and nappy. i was having a [ moment ]. i felt ...discouraged... and somewhat frustrated. it's not that i don't feel i'm beautiful (and i mean that in the most self-loving-non-conceited way)...i just don't feel like i have the same confidence as i did pre-pregnancy. anyways, so i pulled my hair back into a quick side-bun and threw on a long skirt with a loose sweater and was out the door. once i got to the temple, i walked past a group of temple workers as i walked through the women's locker room to change. before i walked into the endownment session one of the workers, who seemed to be around the same age as me, approached me and said, "i saw you when you walked in and i just wanted to tell you that you are beautiful and stunning!" i was kind of taken aback and didn't know what to say for a second and then replied with an awkward, "thank you." honestly, her kind compliment was a bit of an ego boost. i thought to myself, "what was i stressing about earlier? i'm not sure what she saw but maybe i'm not looking as awful today as i thought i was." after that i told myself i wouldn't be so hard on myself.

anyways, i loved this video.
 what we see ourselves as isn't always what others sees. 
you're more [ beautiful ] than you think.


  1. cool video! thanks for sharing--would be a great yw or fineofa lesson! ps sis, youre GORGEOUS--inside&out!:) xo!

  2. I love this!!! What a wonderful message to share! Thank you! PS I think your gorgeous too and you make the most beautiful babies!!