Monday, September 3, 2012

preggers update

23 weeks!

-i can finally feel baby kick from the outside when i put my hand on my belly
-diet coke (my previous addiction) leaves a bitter taste in my mouth and it just doesn't taste the same anymore. i rarely drink it, but i guess that's a good thing
-the infamous prego "waddle walk" is starting to creep in. ugh. i sometimes catch myself doing the waddle and try to walk normal again. my strut is officially bipolar.
-i'm actually not eating like a hippo this pregnancy and i try and workout when i can so i've been feeling pretty good...a little plump, but still pretty good
-i don't have too many cravings but the "nesting" symptom is in full effect! i always have this constant urge to clean, organize, and redecorate our home. my husband thinks i'm crazy because i'll just clean, clean, CLEAN until i'm exhausted
-this pregnancy seems to be going pretty fast. after chasing after a 2 year old all day long, i don't find time to sit around and count the months, days, minutes, and seconds til this baby gets here (like i did my first pregnancy)
-speaking of my 2 year old, i have high hopes for this little one on the way. i'm crossing my fingers/praying that he's calmer and more docile than his older brother. if not, than i might only be having two kids. ha!
-every morning i wake up excited just thinking that in a couple more months i'm going to be a mommy again

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