Tuesday, February 28, 2012

{ new guy }

Check out the new guy...

...well, he's not that new. My parents were going out of town so they needed someone to take care of Moko -so I decided to just bring him home. And YES, I now know what moko means "booger" in spanish. I was informed of this by our our miko neighbor. I tried explaining to her that I'm not mexican and that his name means "tattoo" in Maori ('cause he has white patches on his chin) but she still seemed to be so offended (as if his name was a form of animal abuse) and told me we could have come up with a better name. Eh...annoying. I just smiled at her...but in my head thought "SICK'HER!" Ha!

He's only suppose to be here "temporarily"...or at least that's what I told me husband. My son absolutely loves him!!! The other night I found him sitting in the dog's crate -with the dog -and they were eating a bag of chips together. And my son always goes and lays on Moko's bed with him while he talks to him and hugs him. It's kind of gross, but cute.  Last night they were playing fetch f.o.r.e.v.e.r. And now I have a running buddy. Saf pretends like he doesn't like him 'cause he's not a "man dog" but I always catch him sneaking some human food to him. My son is going to be so sad when he leaves us...................if he does. haha We'll just have to see how this family dog tryout goes....

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