Sunday, February 26, 2012

{ our family motto }

The other day I was rushing about my day and stressing over things and issues that I thought needed to be addressed all at once. My day felt like blur and I uselessly drained all my energy. Then that night before Saf left for work we knelt down for family prayer (including our son) and I was immediately humbled and felt at peace after being reminded that this, my 'lil famili...

is what matters most!

I love the family that we've created. We both come from close families whom we love unconditionally but once you're on your own and start your's a whole 'nother level of [ love ]! Saf and I come from similar yet still different backgrounds and we're raised completely at times it's only inevitable that we have our differences. And with us both being stubborn knuckleheads -at times our 'differences' have turned into something more like...Clash of the Titans! But somehow at the end of our battles we manage to still be best friends...and civil. Similarities or differences, we both decided our family motto is: [ we take only the good from both our upbringings' and make something even better for our kids ]. That we both agree on. As long as our son and future kids turn out better than we were, we'll know we were successful as parents. 
I'll forever be grateful that I married  the right person, in the right place, at the right time so that this could all exist.

[ in love with mines. ]

**ok, sorry for the 'sappy-softness'. had to get that out my system. now I'm ready for another battle with my dukes up! ...haha jp

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