Tuesday, February 14, 2012

{ Summer Dreaming }

I know it's still months away, but I cannot wait for my season to get here! Here's a few things on my summer bucket list...
sun, sand, salt water, and bonfires...almost every day. and hopefully camping at the beach for a day or two with my boys -if I can talk my husband into it. haha

going to try paddle boarding.

 Find a beach somewhere in SoCal where I can do this.

 wear a big, floppy beach hat...with a sun dress.

 get passes to Soak City for my son and I.

riding with Grampa.

 tan/beach hair/no makeup...oh, I wouldn't mind having a bikini body too ;) ...guess I better start working on that now. haha

I'm glad my sidekick (aka my son) loves the sun and water just as much as I do because that's all we'll be doing this summer. As far as my husband -we'll just have to carry a canopy and some floaties for him where ever we go! ;)

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