Saturday, December 24, 2011

{ a good cry }

You know that feeling where you're trying to hold it all in, keep it together, and pretend like everything is fine...and you're putting on a good act -until you're holding it in for so long that when someone finally asks you "are you ok?" ...your guard falls and you break down...

That was me yesterday. lawls., ok I know its not funny but it makes the situation feel lighter if I laugh about it. I realized I hold to much in and don't allow others to help or 'carry my burden'. Surprisingly, I actually felt lighter after letting myself have a good cry. I think sometimes all you need is a good cry, to help release all the pressure that's trapped inside you. Right now I'm just going through my own personal trial. Yes, I have my husband/best friend to talk with about it. And I do. But sometimes there's just not much he can say or do because I realized he carries this same trial but feels and experiences it differently than I do. So I suffer in silence. This is my cross to bear. But of coarse, at the same time I still feel hope. There's always hope. I am just currently in the midst of the refiner's fire. I will experience this, learn from it, and grow because of it. I know I am not forgotten. I know Heavenly Father loves me because he has blessed me with pockets of sunlight along the way to give me this hope and get me through.

But just feels good to let go and have a good cry.

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  1. This just breaks my heart because I am going thru the same thing right now! Thank you for your post! It does feel better to cry it out!