Tuesday, December 27, 2011

{ Christmas }

Christmas was beautiful! I am indeed blessed and have so much to be grateful for. 

We spend Christmas Eve at my mama's. If you know my mom than you know how nice she always makes things look and she definitely did not fall short this year. (She should have been an interior designer/professional party planner.)

The grand-chillrens with Papa.

 Chillin with my Nohea love and my son sitting there so jealous! (just look at his face!)

My Christmas wasn't complete until my husband got there early Christmas morning. We ended up pulling on all-nighter -staying up talking and cracking jokes. (We were both so dead in the morning.) Early Christmas morning everyone was up to see what Santa brought them...

 The parentals.....and our traditional box(s) of See's candy.

My family.

Later that day we drove to Rialto to see our Fonua family. I would have took pics but the all-nighter finally caught up to me and I knocked out for a couple hours. It was such a nice day for us though. My husband and I are do grateful for all we have, especially our families' and son.

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