Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Drum roll, please...


i guess my husband's [ will ] was strong enough because this baby is most definitely a boy. there's no mistaking that! we decided if we were expecting a girl -i'd get to name her or if it was a boy -saf would name him. so looks like my husband gets the honor of naming this little one, and i'm more than ok with that (because i already have our baby girl's name lined up). he's already got his name picked out and it's cute to see him so excited about it. and secretly, i'm excited to still be the only girl in our bunch, for now.

there's the little man!

i'm so excited for my safi boy to have a new best friend. he's going to be happy to have a little brother he can rough up and teach him his mischievous ways! i can't wait to meet baby and see what he looks like. you already know he's going to be a cutie, just like his older bro.

i was telling my husband the other day (in a Captin Planet's voice) "with our powers combined....we 'bout to make some good lookin' kids!" maybe this one will have hazel eyes (like his mama), caramel skin, and blonde curly hair. who knows. either way he'll be perfect!

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