Wednesday, July 18, 2012

unexpected surprise

after 3+ weeks we're finally home and sleeping in our own bed. first thing i did when we got home was schedule my overdue prenatal doc appointment. i actually got an appointment sooner than i thought and went in yesterday. my dedicated, sweet hubby drove me to my appoinment right after he got off work with no sleep and waited in the waiting room with our son while i went in for a checkup. i didn't expect anything more than just hearing baby's heartbeat. being able to hear it and know that everything was baking right with the bun in the oven already made my day... but to my surprise my doctor ended up doing an ultrasound as well (even though they just told me i wasn't going to get one until another 2-4 weeks). when i saw baby's head and its feet and hands moving my heart just melted and i instantly fell in love! it's finally starting to hit me that there's actually a baby on the way. then the doc asked, "do you want to know what you're having?"

WHHHAAAAAATTTT?! i was not expecting to go into the doc's that day and find out what we're expecting, but i was more than happy to find out. i asked her to wait and if they wouldn't mind bringing my husband in so we could find out together. while the nurse went to go get him i started to get nervous, that excited nervous. i was SURE it was going to be a girl -but i didn't want my husband to be disappointed because he wanted a boy. and my husband was SURE it was a boy (becasue he 'willed' it)-but he didn't want to show his excitement if it was a boy because he knew how much i had already planned for a girl.

so once saf and our son came into the room the doctor sat back down and found the baby once again on the ultrasound. she said, "i just saw guys ready to know what you're having?" right when she said "i just saw something" i was already thinking "greeeeeat, it's a boy...." then of course she said, "looks like you guys are having a boy" as she showed us the legs with a small tee-pee in the middle. the first thing i did was look down at my safi boy and think, 'greeeeeaat, another one of him?! i don't know if i can do that again?!'...and then i wanted to cry. "what??? a boy???" all i was repeatedly saying. my husband said "oh yeah!" in the most calmest, unexcited tone possible (and anyone who knows my husband knows how uncalm and excited he alwasy is) because he knew i was hoping for my baby girl. i layed there so confused because i was [ positive ] it was going to be a girl. i was so confused, and still am a little bit now. i guess she's not coming until a little further down the line. unless the doc was wrong...because i am only 16 weeks. i'm hoping by my next ultrasound in 3 weeks the nurse gets a better view and says "woops, looks like it's a baby girl." i guess we'll just have to wait and see. either way, girl or boy, i'll be more than happy. i just want a healthy baby. i'm excited to be a mommy again.

eh, not really the best picture...but there's the legs.


  1. yayyyyer! congrats sis! BOYS ROCK! your princess will just be the baby of the bunch;) exciiiiiting stuff! kisses to safiboy and rub the mini belly for me;) Love ya!

  2. bwaahahahaa i cryed lol safiBOY needs a play buddy sorry bout it (cough) so does bbyNICE RU..hehehe lol SO EXCITED I LOVE IT!! xo