Tuesday, July 24, 2012

preggers update

17 weeks today!
(almost halfway done)

[ what's new ]
-the baby bump is finally starting to show
-i already have to pop the button of my favorite jeans (so sad. but at least my thighs and booty still fit inside, somewhat.)
-sleeping on my stomach is starting to get uncomfortable
-i can feel baby moving now
-my ultrasound (where we'll be more sure of the sex) is in exactly two more weeks

[ things i want to do differently this pregnancy ]
-once i'm in my third trimester, have maternity/family pic done
-exercise up until i give birth and eat healthy. i told myself this time around i'm not going to eat everything in sight because i don't want to gain another 60 lbs. i'm hoping my weight gain stays 'all belly'  so my body bounces back faster -because loosing all the weight after is too hard.
-i'm definitely buying a comfy rocking chair and moby wrap for this baby

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  1. Aw! Cute pix! You are so tiny for being so far along!!!