Monday, July 30, 2012


[ a couple random thoughts about some random people/things ] the person who posted a "lost cat" sign on the trails behind my house, i'm pretty sure your cat is long gone down some coyote's throat. sorry 'bout it. can totally tell you used the editing tool that makes you look skinnier on a couple of your photos. the blurry edges around your gut and thighs gives it away. ha!

...i think i love Moko (the dog) more than i love you.'re actually not the sheezy, you're not cute, and you bug me every time you're around me.

...if your husband has absolutely no pics of you on his facebook and he is friends with a grip of hoochies, you should be worried.

...when we were kids and i got mad at you, i dunked your toothbrush in the toilet.

...sometimes after looking at all the cute outfits on pinterest, all i want to eat the next day are veggies and egg whites so i look just as cute in them. haha ok, that's going to have to wait til next year 

...seeing all my family moving (or preparing to move) out of cali makes me cry/bawl. i miss all my family.

if you couldn't tell already, the crazy pregger hormones are in full effect!

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