Saturday, September 27, 2014

Whole 30: 2 month update

Here's my results from doing whole30, well technically whole60 since I did it for 60 days. I'd recommend this program to anyone whose trying to loose weight and change their relationship with food. Besides loosing 18 lbs here's the other reasons why I love this program:

-you just eat real food and as much as you want and need as long as it's protein, vegetables, fruit, or good fats. 

-no wasting money on pills or shakes

-no counting or keeping track of anything

-noticed a difference in my hair and nails. They felt stronger. 

-clearer mind

-stopped the binge eating on the weekends

-reduced sugar cravings dramatically

-clearer skin

-more energy

-quit my bad habit of snacking/taking few bites of not clean food here and there (which really adds up at the end of each day) 

-slept better

-stopped the habit of mindless eating

-felt in control of my body, which in turn helped me feel more in control in other areas of my life

-just felt happier because I was putting good good into my body

Overall, I feel like I've been able to really change the way I think about food and my relationship with it. I still have a long way until I hit my goal so I'm going to continue it and see how far I can go. If you want more if you on what exactly whole30 is check out

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