Friday, November 16, 2012

the fourth quarter

i swear my son (and husband) think that the most opportune moment to ask me to do something for them is right when i sit or lay down to take a five minute break. i've gotten up and down allllll day. usually it would be nothing but since having this big belly, sore feet, and aching back, it's H. E. DOUBLE-L! i'm not trying to be a diva or anything, but sheesh -can someone please just cater to me for the next 7 weeks?! but being pregnant with a toddler and sick, working husband means no break for this mama!

by far THE worst pregnancy symptom this time around would have to be having loose ligaments. (i didn't even know that was a symptom of pregnancy because i never had it before.) i'm pretty sure my bones loosened as well, or at least that's what it feels like. my spine feels bent, my lower back is wacked out, my tale bone feels broken, and i'm pretty sure my left hip popped out of place. this baby is really taking a toll on my body. the first thing i'm doing after i get out of the hospital is going to the chiropractor and seeing a masseuse.

earlier tonight i was laying in bed taking a five and thinking to myself "i have no energy and i'm so sore. is it bedtime yet? how am i going to go through this for 7 more weeks?!" then thought "7 weeks? what am i going to do after the 7 weeks and i have two kids?!" dramatic much? yes.

but there's no looking back now. it's the fourth quarter and there's no room for whimps!

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