Thursday, May 10, 2012

{ mommy confessions }

-sometimes i let my son drink diet coke. one night he was crying to drink some of mine. i was too tired to deal with him so i filled his sippy cup with some. hey, at least i diluted it with water.

-my son doesn't really have a bedtime. i like him to go to sleep at night when i do because i'd rather him not wake up in the morning before i do or before i can get some things done around the house with out him...which means he goes to bed pretty late sometimes.

-i didn't even cry when he was born (like i imaged i would). not because i loved him any less, but i was just TOO EXHAUSTED from pushing out an almost 10 lber that i didn't even have enough energy to shed one tear.

-i actually like that he sleeps right next to me every night in my bed.

-i always feel a bit of guiltiness everytime i do something for 'just myself'.

-i let him go barefoot all the time and it doesnt bother me if he picks up a piece of food off the ground and eats long as its not a cigarete, old gum, or rocks. a 'lil dirt wont hurt...right? lol

-when i go to go to the grocery store or laundry mat feels like a mini vacation.

-i hid my son's Buzz Lightyear action figure for a couple days because I couldn't stand hearing him scream and cry, like someone had died (yes, it was that serious!) every time his 'position' was slighly altered (he likes him standing a certain way with his hands perfectly on his hips, wings expanded, and feet/legs perfectly straight so he can balance correctly and stand on the table by himself)

-actually, i have another confession to add to the last one...Buzz's couple days of solitary confinement wasn't enough for me so I let him 'sleepover' at Gigi's house (where he is still sleeping)

-when i feel like i'm starting to loose it or go a little crazy, i put myself on time-out (for the safety of others).

-i've let my son eat nothing but cake for breakfast.......a couple times.

-by the time our 2nd one comes along, there's going to be an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny feeling of saddness because my son will no longer be my only and we won't get that same one-on-one time. (but of course i'll be far happier with another addition because that means two sidekicks and more cheap child just kiiiiiiiidding.)

-for keepsakes, i saved a part of my son's umbilical cord when it fell off his tummy a couple weeks after he was born. (i dont really think this is a confession but my husband thinks i'm sick/gross for doing this and acts like it should be one.)

-when my son is playing on the playground and an older kid starts teasing him, my son will show them a 'lil fist action (even though he's younger and smaller. NO FEAR!) Verbally, I'll put on a show and tell him to stop because "that's not nice" (just so their parents will stop throwing a hissy fit) but inside I'm jumping up and down, fist pumping, shouting "YEAH BABY! GET 'UM! DON'T LET THAT KID PUNK YOU!"

that was a few more confessions than i expected....and there's probably still a lot more. lol

i may not be a perfect mommy...
 but i'm real.
i say sorry when i'm wrong.
i take the time to stay close to my son, teach him, and to know him -his likes, dislikes, what makes him happy or sad, and to make sure he knows i care.
i [ show ] him i love him and [ tell ] him about a hundred times a day.
i may not be the best at...a lot of things, but i know i'm a pretty dang good mommy and the [ best ] one for my son!

we're cool ;)

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  1. You are such a wonderful person for knowing who you are and not hiding it. Every mom does things differently, no one is more correct than the other, everyone is just different! From what I read and the cute pictures you have, you seem like a wonderful mom!! My mom would always say we have to take each day at a time. I definitely think we should live for the now and having fun with those we love!