Monday, May 28, 2012

{ feeling better }

this past month i've been sick and feeling so out of it. on friday i finally started feeling like myself again and feeling like i could actually do something besides lay on the couch with a throw up bowl.

i woke up friday with some energy and burned some of it off with a good workout. i had this hanging upin my view... my motivation. bwahahahahahahahahahahah!!! don't know why i'm laughing...probablly because the bikini thing is going to have to wait until next summer. but hey, what ever keeps me motivated, right?

i thought i deserved some [ cheap ] retail thereapy so I stopped by the Goodwill and found a cute jean jacket that i've been looking for and some summer sandals...
...for only $13 all together! love it when i find good deals!

and it wouldn't be [ me ] without some spontaneous creativity...
(love me some henna)

now to play catch up...

mothers day was different this year. both our our mothers we're out of town so we spent it here at home. i was looking forward to a delicious, home-cooked meal that i didn't have to cook. so i asked my husband, "what are we having for dinner?" he said, "baby just tell me whateeeever you want.....and i'll go buy it." eh. only him. lol not really want i expected. this guy needs a little more training.
but being the mama of this crazy, sweet boy was really what my day was all about!

2 weeks ago i hit the [ 2 4 ] mark. my boys took me out to breakfast then my 'lil man and i went to Disneyland. (yes. we do go ALL the time but it NEVER gets old)

later that night my boys took me to Farrell's. wow that place is crazy! go there on your birhtday and you'll know what i mean. lol

(sorry, didn't really get too many pics from there)

last monday was our first stop at the beach this summer...
...and it was lovely. this is going to be our playground for the next couple months.