Tuesday, April 24, 2012

{ Happy Birthday boo thang! }

this past week has been [ CRAZY! ] 
i'm just barely starting to get back into reality and the routine of things.
time to play catch up.

celebrated my boo thangs birthday two weekends ago!

started our weekend off with a movie. who sneaks ice cream into a movie?...WE DO! we went to target and found my [ favorite ] ice cream bars. i haven't had one of these since the last time i as in New Zealand. now that they  sell them here in the US so you know we had to.

next, we took a step up from cliche (aka movies) and went to the shooting range. until then i had never shot a gun. guess there's a first time for everything. i'd like to think i'm on Angelina Jolies status now lol

went to Joe' Crab Shack afterwards. the food was wack but still worth the one-on-one time.

finished our weekend taking our son to the park (sippin' on these).
clownin' and laughing at the stupidest things. lol

Happy birthday baby! 
This woman loves you MOST!

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