Tuesday, April 10, 2012

{ Easter }

 had a great weekend with my 'lil family and with the rest of our families. this was the first year my son was actually really into the whole "eater egg hunt". 
 a few pics from his fun on Sunday...
we had an easter egg hunt in Gigi's backyard. this mom was a little too excited though and hid tons of eggs for just one kid.

his first (real) easter egg hunt:
-he would get so excited every time he dropped an egg into his bowl (sorry mama forgot to buy a basket)
 -every egg that cracked open in the bowl he had to stop and eat the candy inside before going on
-while looking for "ess" he took a quick 5 second nap on the lawn chair.  

 ...proof that he literally ate almost every egg along the way. the other proof was the explosion in his pants....that got everywhere but staying in his pants! (thought i'd leave that pic out though) poor 'lil guy had to get sprayed down by the hose.

the easter bunny accidently gave baby a Buzz Lightyear helmet that was a little too [ small ].
this kid would not take it off and went around the house for the next hour doing his "Buzz Lightyear moves" and putting on a show for everyone. he is his father's son.

i love seeing my son get so excited and happy. seeing him happy makes me happy.

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