Tuesday, June 3, 2014

No duh?!

When it comes to kids who aren't their own, people (strangers and/or acquaintances) seriously have the dumbest questions and comments. I've realized that after you have three kids it just gets worse! For example...

When a stranger sees me with my newborn son they approach me all bubbley and ask, "awwww, is this your first." As soon as I say, "no, it's my third" their happy smile immediately drops and in comes the judgemental eye with the usual comment, " wow! Three boys! You reeeeeeally have your hands full."

NOOOOOO DUH?! I fee like all they're thinking is, "sheesh ever heard of birth control?" 

I feel like people cringe when they find out you have more than two. What's funny is I never even thought three kids was a lot. Just wait until we have the rest of our kids and it will probably make you die! 


When someone you barely know asks you through Instagram, "what kind of birth control do you use?"

UMMMM... Ya let me just tell you person-who-I-don't-even-know-who-is-probably-just-stalking-me so everyone who reads through my comments can think about my sex life and know unnecessary information about me. stupid question didn't even get a response. 


when they ask me the age of my kids and once they find of the last two are only one year apart they  ask while pointing at child number 3, "so was he planned?"

DOES IT MATTER?! Does he deserve to be loved less if he wasn't? 


When I get asked, "is he a good baby?"

IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE FOR A BABY TO BE BAD? I mean, they are innocent.

(I'm guilty of asking this next one but have since learned not to ask it after having my own miscarriage and taking over a year to finally have Niko. It can simply just be too touchy of a subject depending on a couple's situation.)

"So when are you guys going to have you're next one?"

I DON'T KNOW. LET ME JUST CHECK MY CALENDAR. THE LAST TIME MY HUSBAND AND I MADE LOVE WAS... Haha maybe that response might get them feeling just as uncomfortable. Really though, is it any of your business?

I never take offense from any of the questions or comments -just a little annoyed at times. 

I feel like there's no much negativity in our society when I comes to people having more than two kids. People act as if you're going to over populate the earth or that life is over as I you know it. I mean, life does change but it's not over. 

My body may be a little 'thicker' than I would like at the moment, I may have to buy diapers instead of those new shoes, and I might not be able to do ALL the things I want to...

...but I can always loose the weight, "things" are only temporary, and eventually I WILL accomplish and do the most important things I have always set out to do. 

It is demanding being a mother of three under the age of four but it has never been a burden. When the pitter-patter of feet are no longer heard running across the floor in our home and others our age are in retirement homes -my husband and I will be happy and well taken care of by all our children and grandchildren. 


.....STILL haven't gotten a decent photo with all three of them. I try. 

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