Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Número tres


Yes, [ número tres ] is already on its way and my baby is already about to be a big brother! This was totally unplanned and a bit of a surprise. Honestly, I wasn't too excited when I first found out. I cried. I felt overwhelmed because...well, I feel like I just had a baby. But reality has slowly set in and after looking at the bigger picture, I am excited! It will be fun watching this little one and Niko grow up together so close in age (they'll be just over a year apart). Of course my husband was excited from the moment we found out. If he had it his way all our kids would be 10 months apart. I guess I have always wanted our kids close in age anyways and I might as when knock them all out while I'm still young. I'm 7 weeks down and tentative due date is April 9, 2014. Big things ahead for our little family...


  1. Girl!! That is so awesome!! CONGRATS!!!! That is so awesome!! I am glad you are happy and excited about it! You guys have the cutest babies!

  2. Thanks Taryn! When is your baby due? Congrats!

  3. Mine is due Feb 15th! Getting so excited! I was trying to get to Nohea's party to see you guys, but no such luck! I wish we lived closer bc you guys are so fun! That neon run looked amazing! So jealous!! I'd so do that!