Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Babe, baby, & the baby

I tried doing a cute birthday shout out with my boys for their aunty's birthday. I got the idea from Pinterest and wanted it to look something like this...


Safi boy was laughing when i was writing on the bottom of his foot with the marker, Niko was too squirmy so I couldn't even write 'aunty' on his foot, then safi boy was mad because Niko was scratching him (his face says it all), Niko was sliding down, safi boy was moving his feet so you couldn't read the words, the angle was off, and I was getting hot. Talk about trying to DO THE MOST. They make everything on pinterest look so easy! Oh well. At least safi boy was entertained for the rest of the day with looking at the blue writing on the bottom of his feet and saying, "HAPPY BIRFDAY!" (I thought the marker I used was washable. Nope. Another 'parental fail'. I seem to be having a lot of those these days.)
Anyways, I love my boys. They keep my life entertained and busy. On a side note -we still find ourselves calling safi boy "baby"even though he's not the baby anymore. We always said that once the second one came along, we wouldn't be able to call him "baby" ...but that didn't happen. On rare occasion we'll refer to niko as "the baby" (as in "can you go get the baby?") but never do we talk directly to him and call him "baby". So now I have a "babe", "baby", and "the baby". I know that might sound confusing but we all somehow just know who is talking to who. Hey, it works for us. I wonder what original name we'll come up with for child #3?

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