Sunday, May 22, 2011

{just one of those days...}

Today started out as "just one of those days." I had no motivation to do anything and I just wanted to be left alone. We all have our own trials to bear and I'm going through my own right now. I knew sitting at home with the curtains closed was not going to help so I swooped my son up and we went to the park for a breath of fresh air. As he was climbing and running on the jungle-gym laughing and smiling, I contently watched him from the side. At the end of the jungle-gym was a clear, plastic bubble window. As I stood from the ground looking in at him, he eagerly pressed his face against the window trying to kiss me. His "smashed" faces had me rolling! He would kiss the window with his whole face, then come up for some air and start laughing, then press his face back against the window trying to kiss me.

Just seeing my son's funny faces and hearing his laughter made me forget about my minute troubles and worries. He reminds me everyday how blessed I am to have him and my many other countless blessings.


  1. HILARIOUS! love you baby! so so so cute! and YES, such a character!=] he'll be happy to read these when he's older so make sure you blog his most embarassn moments too!lol jk bby aunty LOVES you!!!! =]

  2. Thanks Ru! He kind of looks a little scary in these pics but i had to! lol